Critical Analysis Project


Everyday, we encounter new evidence that forces us to update how we see the world and how best to navigate a complex social reality.

Why argumentation matters
We are constantly faced with statememendation other people. Politicians attempt to convince us to vote for them or adopt their policies, salespeople try to get us to purchase their products, and friends may offer your insightful arguments concerning a film you have just seen.

In deliberative democratic debates, the quality of the discourse has significant consequences for our respective governments. This website is dedicated to assessing the quality of arguments in opinion pieces to encourage a more critical and rational debate.

Studying rationality
Central to the project, the people involved are all studying reasoning, rationality, and argumentation. We are interested in figuring out how argumentation work in real life rather than in a laboratory setting.

For example, how do politicians manage to convince the population that a particular idea is either good or bad?